There are any number of reasons why you might want to add another Bible to your library. Here are a few

  • The Bible you own is hard to read or understand
  • The Bible you own is falling apart
  • You lost your Bible
  • You’ve read through the Bible you own and you want to try a different translation
  • You’d like to explore some features that are different from the Bible you own

Since this isn’t your first Bible, you already know the basic facts about the Bible. (If not, click on the Basic Features page when you’re done with this page.) Now it’s just a matter of choosing which translation and features you’d like.

Damaged Bible

It’s hard to know what to do with old Bibles


I would recommend that you choose a different translation from the Bible(s) you already own. It’s fun to be able to compare them. It helps give insight into the meaning of the verses. You’ll find that some versions resonate with you more than others. And if you’re part of a Bible study group, you can contribute to the discussion by sharing how your translation differs from what the leader is using. A variety of translations can really help you grow in your understanding and appreciation of the Bible message.

If you have a lot of experience with different Bible translations, and you’re just replacing a Bible that is lost or falling apart, then you may want to buy the same one you already own. In that case, look for some additional features that aren’t in your other copies.

The Translations page includes a helpful chart of the most popular Bible versions that can be easily purchased in bookstores and online. Click the Bible name to find out what study Bible and devotional Bible options are available for that version.

3 Translations3 Popular Versions


In addition to the Basic Features, each study Bible and devotional Bible will have features exclusive to them. These are covered in the Study Bible and Devotional Bible pages. Additional features will cost more money, so price will be a factor in how many and which features you choose.

  • Cover
    If this is only your second Bible, keep the cost at a minimum. You want to try a few different translations before you start making an investment in a Bible. Choose a different translation than the one you own and look for one with different study tools or devotional material. But go for a hardback or low end leather cover. If you already have several copies of the Bible, I would recommend that you start investing in Bibles with good leather covers. A leather covered Bible is more expensive, but it will last so much longer than a hard back or paperback copy. If you are buying multiple copies of the Bible it’s a good indication that the Bible has become a treasured item. The personal worth of each copy you buy will grow as time goes by. And it will not only be a treasure to you. Your Bibles will become a treasure to those who inherit them. My mother’s Bible came to me when she died and reading it is like opening a window into her heart as she was an avid note taker.
  • Pages
    Bible pages can be made of varying weights. The more you use your Bibles the more this will become a factor. Many people like writing notes by the verses of the Bible. If you will want to write notes and underline passages, make sure you have a Bible with strong pages.
Damaged BibleMost leather bound Bibles are printed on thin paper to make the volume smaller and make it easier to turn the pages. Sometimes this thin paper can still be sturdy, but not always. Choose a paper that will meet your needs.

And start to look for Bibles that have note pages. They are usually provided at the back of the Bible. As you become more familiar with specific verses and Biblical themes, you will want to write notes. It can be very helpful to have several pages in the Bible that you can use.

So, make your way to the Translations page and explore the different versions. When you click on the Bible translation name it will take you to more information for that translation. This new page will also indicate which study Bible features and which devotional Bibles are available in that translation.

Once you’ve made your purchase, come back to this website and let me know what you bought and how you like it. If you bookmark this website right now, it will be easier to come back. I’d love to hear from you. Just use the contact form above to contact me.