How Do We Know the Bible Is True?

The Bible has stood the test of time. Many political leaders throughout history have tried to destroy it only to have their efforts come to nothing. Many scholars have tried to disclaim it, and in their efforts have come to faith. But if it isn’t true, why should we care?

I believe the Bible is true and that it conforms to contemporary scientific evidence, historical evidence, and it stands up under the scrutiny of textual criticism. This page will have many evidences for these statements. The first of these is posted below, but many more are intended.

The Study Notes document was prepared for those at my church who lead groups studying the book The Story. It addresses three arguments against the Bible: the validity of the creation story, the viability of the world-wide flood of Noah, and the genocides recorded in the book of Joshua. It provides a reasonable case for the truthfulness of the scripture text. It will download as an MS Word document when you click on the graphic.

Also below is a PDF copy of a journal article by Dr. Paul Coulter with additional information about the Joshua texts. This will open in a web widow and you can download it from there. Feel free to save these two documents to your computer and share them with anyone who may be interested.

Study Notes for The Story
Old Testament Massacres