These videos speak to the validity and reliability of the Bible. Clicking the picture will take you to where you can see or purchase the video.

This is one of two videos from Illustra Media’s John 10:10 Project that speaks to the trustworthiness and accuracy of the Gospels in the New Testament section of the Bible. It includes comments from several Bible history experts and includes considerable commentary by Lee Strobel an investigative journalist for the Chicago Tribune who became a Christian after an exhaustive investigation of the Bible The video runs for 6:04 minutes.

CE Video
How can I trust that what the Bible says is true?

This three minute video from the ministry of Christianity Explored is a very succinct answer to the question many people ask. Pastor Vaughn Robert’s answer will encourage you to read the Bible for yourself.

A second video from Illustra Media’s John 10:10 Project. This video runs for 7:11 minutes

FREE for Amazon Prime members. These videos are from Focus on the Family and feature Dr. Stephen Meyer, Director of the Center for Science and Culture at Discovery Institute. Lecturing college students over 10 episodes (about 30 minutes each) Dr. Meyer presents compelling evidence for the reliability of the Biblical record. If you haven’t heard Dr. Meyer speak, you’re in for a treat. If you ais re not an Amazon Prime member you can buy the set of DVDs.